Scholarship Program
Each year SOAR send out scholarship application forms to students based on recommendations and nominations from designated Chinese nominators who are mostly retired educators in the school system in China. The application forms are collected in SOAR's Beijing office and forwarded to the U.S. headquarter for award processing. Awarded students receive scholarship from Beijing office via the Foundationís direct bank deposit into the studentís post office account.
How Application Forms Are Distributed (1997 Data)
Under the aegis of the program committee, there is a well-organized procedure for the solicitation and processing of scholarship applications. As an example, during the 1997-98 school year, some 1,050 application forms were distributed to students nominated through 105 network agents, consisted of 68 normal school instructors, 32 primary school teachers, and 5 educators in the People's Republic of China. A total of 720 students submitted scholarship applications. The same process has continued through the years till now.
How Applications Are Evaluated
The program committee establishes a file for each applicant. Applications are then evaluated in three rounds. The first evaluation is undertaken by college professors who rank applicants on a scale of 1 to 3, 3 being the "best applicants," 2 for "fair applicants" and 1 for applicants who does not meet required qualifications. The second evaluation is also conducted by professors, and the final evaluation by committee members. During the 1997-98 school year, of the top-ranking students, 257 scored 9 points, achieving "3" in each round of evaluation; and 174 students scored 8 points. All 361 students who scored 8 or 9 were awarded scholarship due to adequate funding that year. The similar process has continued through the years till now.
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