Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
Q1: What is the purpose of the SOAR Foundation?
A1: The SOAR Foundation is a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political organization founded in California, U.S.A. in 1995. It is dedicated to providing scholarships to impoverished children who live in remote regions of China and intend to continue their secondary, vocational and higher education.
Q2: Who are the SOAR Scholarship targeted recipients?
A2: They are the academically excellent students who lack the funding to continue their high school or similar level vocational school education. They are mostly between the ages of 15-18, and live in remote regions of China.
Q3: How is the SOAR Scholarship distributed?
A3: Some local teachers in China helped distribute the SOAR scholarship application forms to students in need in the target regions. The completed applications are sent to the SOAR Foundation Evaluation Committee located in the U.S. Selections are made after three levels of review. Using the local Postal Office Deposit Service, the SOAR office in Beijing mails the money directly to the scholarship recipients.
Q4: How is the SOAR Scholarship fund used by the students?
A4: The annual scholarship fund is used to help cover tuitions and fees, and to purchase books. The amount is US$400 for high school and vocational school recipient, and US$500 for college student.
Q5: How does SOAR Foundation ascertain that the scholarship fund is actually used by the target students?
A5: 1). The scholarship recipient will mail the receipt back to SOAR Foundation after receiving the funding. Records are kept in the SOAR headquarter in USA. Specifics are available for review by the donors. 2). Through direct correspondence, the mentors can get a better picture of the student's life situation. 3). The SOAR Foundation members get a first-hand knowledge of how the funds are used by periodic onsite visits using their own funding .
Q6: Who are the student mentors?
A6: SOAR Foundation puts emphasis and effort into finding mentors for scholarship recipients. The mentors are SOAR Foundation members and supporters. Through personal correspondence, mentors provide moral support and get to understand how the scholarship funds are used. Mentors present feedback to the Scholarship Committee at the end of the year.
Q7: What does the SOAR Foundation expenditure come from?
A7: SOAR Foundation expenditure comes from general donations and membership dues. Donations are designated exclusively for scholarship use. Membership due is US$25.00 per year, and US$500.00 for lifetime membership. All SOAR Foundation workers are non-salaried volunteers.
Q8: Are donations to SOAR Foundation tax deductible?
A8: Yes. The foundationís 501C-3 tax ID number is 94-3255490.
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