SOAR Foundation Accomplishments
The SOAR Foundation was chartered in 1995. Since its first scholarship awarding in 1996, it has awarded 22086 scholarships to impoverished but deserving students in China's rural areas (the high/vocational school awardees receive $400 per year, the college awardees receive $500 per year). The number of awardees in a single year has grown from 263 in 1996 to a peak of 2,183 in 2008 (last year which included junior high students), and to 1159 in 2011 (increased amount to high school and college level students only.).
As an example of SOAR’s many accomplishments, college attendance percentage for graduates from high schools in the rural areas of China is only 3%, the percentage for the same among SOAR scholarship recipients is about 40%. Many of these SOAR students are now attending universities and graduate schools in China, or are working as a contributing member of society.
SOAR Foundation Student Annual Growth Chart
2015 - 2016 Scholarship Students Distribution by Providence
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